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Friday, July 31, 2015



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Pastor Tim's message this week, Sunday August 2, will be "Why Prayers Seem To Go Unanswered."
VBS rewind for children grades 1-6 taking place July 29 and August 5, 12, and 19.
A Note From Our Pastor
I am quite glad you stopped by our website to visit us. Whether you are looking for a church home or you are just checking out our activities, I am sure you will find Northside to be a fun and exciting place where God's inerrant Word is preached and the people are genuine. So what will I find at Northside? No, there is not a band that is so loud it shakes the pant leg of your cargo shorts but you can wear those here. The preacher is real. None of us are perfect. Sometimes he is even funny. We have a mix of older and younger people who are desiring to grow in a relationship with God. I believe Northside to be a safe place to search for a vibrant relationship with God.

I have been at Northside since September of 1995 and I still love being here each day.  For the last ten years I have been the Senior Pastor, so for almost 20 years I have had the privilege of serving this congregation. God is doing something really great here at Northside Baptist Church and I invite you to come be a part of it.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Tim Carr

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